Phalian race


Author: Rosen Iliev
Alternative name: Dalo-Nordic, Faelid, Phalic, Fälische rasse (deutsch)
Origin: unreduced and depigmented northern European Cro-Magnon type
Distribution: Northwestern Germany, southern Scandinavia, the Netherlands.
Typical racial features:
Height: tall
Body type: mesomorphic
Bone width: great
Hair color: blond / light brown / dark brown
Structure of hair: straight
Hair: undeveloped
Eye color: blue / gray
Tilt the orbitae: horizontal
Skin color: white-yellow-pink
Shape eyebrows: straight
Thick lips: small
Base of the nose: low
Shape of the nose: straight / slightly concave
Width at cheekbones: medium
Shape of the jaw: massive, wide
Shape of forehead: moderately inclined
Height of forehead: medium
Shape of  occiput: slightly prominent
Facial index: mesoprosopic
Shape of the face: short and wide
Cephalic index: mesocephalic- 76-80