East-Baltic race


Author: Rosen Iliev
Alternative name: Osteuropid, Homo arcticus, Ostbaltische rasse (deutsch)
Origin: Altered Cro-Magnoids of the Baltid variety, which have absorbed visible amounts of Lappoid to yield a more or less stabilized blend, principally Baltid but transitional to either of its component strains. A Nordid strain is often present in the mix.
Distribution: Baltic countries, Finland, Poland, northeastern Germany, Russia and Scandinavia.
Typical racial features:
Height: average
Body type: pyknomorphic
Bone width: medium
Hair color: ash- blond / dark- blond
Structure of hair: straight
Hair: undeveloped
Eye color: blue/gray
Tilt the orbitae: horizontal / outer corner is higher than the internal
Skin color: yellow-white-pink
Shape eyebrows: straight
Thick lips: small
Base of the nose: low
Shape of the nose: concave
Width at cheekbones: great
Shape of the jaw: wide
Shape of forehead: inclined
Height of forehead: medium
Shape of  occiput: slightly convex
Facial index: euryprosopic- short face- under 84
Shape of the face: low, wide
Cephalic index: brachycephalic- over 80